Broken springs
n order to repair an antique pinfire revolver springs often need replacement. Over time they’ve become weak, are broken or simply missing. Especially the v-shaped spring that pulls the trigger in its „home” position has to be replaced often. To do this you have two options:
Do it yourself! Get yourself a strip of spring steel 0.24” x 0.06” (6mm x 1.5mm). This size is suitable for nearly all trigger- and main springs in pinfire revolvers. First you need to estimate the needed length and cut it from the strip (1). To bend the spring steel in the desired v-shape you’ll need to heat the middle till red hot and bend it with pliers (2). If you don’t heat the steel while bending it’ll surely break! When your spring has roughly the right shape its time to anneal if for further shaping. Do this with a gas burner till red hot and let the spring cool down slowly. The spring now can be shaped in its final form by grinding (3) and bending to obtain the right angle. Mind: the spring is never symmetrical: The „leg” resting against the frame is longer than the one catching the trigger.

Now your spring has the right dimensions but is extremely weak and will bend when force is applied. The next step is to harden the steel by heating it till red hot and throwing it in a tin of oil. By using oil the steel cools down slower than when using water resulting in better springiness. The steel in your spring now has a glass like structure and is extremely brittle and needs tempering to achieve the desired springiness. First polish your spring till metallic shine is regained. Now heat your spring very slowly and carefully till a light ocher color is achieved (5). After cooling down your spring is ready.

2: The easy way! Buy these springs at Dixy’s!
I ordered these and they cover all sizes I ever will need:
  • TP1431 V Springs - 5/32" X 3/4"
  • TP1432 V Springs - 5/32" X 5/8"
  • TP1433 V Springs - 5/32" x 7/8"
  • TP1434 V Springs - 5/16" X 7/8"
  • TP1435 V Springs - 5/16" X 1 1/4"
These springs are ready for use; you only need to grind them to the right size. Very important: keep the springs cool when grinding. Otherwise the springs will be tempered and you’ll end up with a weak spring!