Diversity in arms
In a time frame of approximately 50 years an incredible variety of weapons was brought to the market: Pistols, revolvers, shotguns, rifles and guns in combination with a knife or knuckle-duster! Some concealed weapons were made too: a rifle in a cane or even a miniature pistol in a ring.
9 mm revolver

Pinfire revolver 9 mm, 6-schot

20schots revolver 8mm

Pinfire revolver 8 mm, 20-schot


Pinfire Pepperbox 7 mm, 6-schot

revolver 9mm mes

Pinfire revolver 9 mm, 6-schot with knive


Pinfire revolver, 9 mm, 6-schot, cutlass

dubbelloops pistool

Pinfire pistol, 12 mm, dubbel-barreled

Jachtgeweer, 17mm

Pinfire shotgun, 17 mm, dubbel-barreled

Revolvergeweer 12 mm

Pinfire revolver rifle, 12 mm, 6-schot

luxe revolver

Pinfire revolver, 9 mm, 6-schot deluxe, cased.


Pinfire revolver Le Mat, 11 mm, 9-schot


Pinfire revolver, nuckle-duster and knive, 5 mm, 6-schot


Pinfire revolver, 9 mm, 6-schot, gold plated.


Pinfire pistol, 7mm, double barreled, rotating barrels.


Pinfire revolver in ring, 2mm


Single barreled pinfire pistol by Delvigne


Brass pinfire revolver

Screen Shot 2012-02-24 at 08.50.00

Jarré pistol; 10-shot